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I will be happy to discuss or demonstrate any of my WordPress plugins including showing code samples... just contact me.

WordPress is a highly effective tool for both blog and site management. I have built an extremely versatile theme (more like a framework) for WordPress. This site is built on that theme. In fact, all the WordPress sites on my Website Design page are built on the same base theme.

I have also developed a number of WordPress plugins that perform all sorts of simple to complex tasks. One in particular is quite an advanced and useful plugin I call _bd_ Blocks.

_bd_ Blocks

  • Allows a user to build blocks of code (plain text, HTML, PHP, etc) and place them in site content or widgets (or elsewhere) using shortcodes
  • Can be configured to be displayed in tables, lists, tabs, slideshow, etc.
  • Allows execution of PHP securely instead of arbitrarily executing PHP directly in site content
  • Update any block and the content is updated throughout the site
  • Allows individual customization with user templates or functions